McNeill Lab Projects

Formerly Funded Research (no longer active)

Dyadic Rapport Within and Across Cultures: Multimodal Assessment in Human-Human and Human-Computer Interaction
NSF Human and Social Dynamics Program Award Number 0729515.

Principle Investigator and Lead Institution: Gina-Anne Levow, University of Chicago
Co-Principle Investigator: Susan Duncan, University of Chicago

Collaborating Investigators:
Jonathan Gratch, University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies
Daniel Loehr, The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia
Rima Aboudan, The United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain, UAE
Download the public abstract [PDF, 64 KB] for this project.
Download the year one project update [PDF, 272 KB]
Download our Interspeech 2010 conference abstract [PDF, 150 KB]
Interactive Deception and its Detection through Multimodal Analysis of Interviewer-Interviewee Dynamics
NSF Human and Social Dynamics Program Award Number 0725762.

Principle Investigator and Lead Institution: Judee K. Burgoon, University of Arizona

Collaborating Investigators:
David McNeill and Susan Duncan, University of Chicago; Amy Franklin, University of Texas Health Science Center; Tim Levine, Michigan State University; Jay Nunamaker, University of Arizona; Magnus Magnusson, University of Iceland
Download the public abstract [PDF, 72 KB] for this project.
Efficacy of Voice Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
NIH NIDCD Award Number 5R01DC001150-14

Principle Investigator and Lead Institution: Lorraine Ramig, University of Colorado at Boulder
Download a recently-submitted abstract [PDF, 84 KB]
Social Organization, Learning Technologies, and Discourse: System Features for Facilitating Mathematical Reasoning in PreK-3 Students
NSF Information & Intelligent Systems (IIS) Award Number 0736151.

Collaborating Investigator:
Michael Evans, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)
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