Susan Duncan, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist and Lab Co-Director

Department of Psychology
The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, 60637, USA
Tel.: (773) 702-8832
Fax: (773) 702-4186
deng AT

Click here [PDF, 192 KB] to download Susan Duncan's CV.

Click here [PDF, 8.8 MB] to download Susan's dissertation, Grammatical Form and ‘Thinking-For-Speaking’ in Mandarin Chinese and English: An Analysis Based on Speech-Accompanying Gestures.

Selected publications

Gestural imagery and cohesion in normal and impaired discourse (2008) [PDF, 1.8 MB]

An exchange format for multimodal annotations (2008) [PDF, 424 KB]

Discourse Focus, Gesture, and Disfluent Aphasia (2007) [PDF, 560 KB]

Book Review: Beattie (2003) Visible Thought (2006) [PDF, 120 KB]

Gesture in Signing: A Case Study from Taiwan Sign Language (2005) [PDF, 3 MB]

Gesture in Language: Issues for Sign Language Research (2003) [PDF, 520 KB]

Gesture, verb aspect, and the nature of iconic imagery in natural discourse (2002) [PDF, 312 KB]

Co-expressivity of speech and gesture: Manner of motion in Spanish, English, and Chinese (2001) [PDF, 220 KB]